14th post .
Tuesday, December 30, 2008 @ 2:52 PM

Hellos. Have not posted for 8 days.
Was busy luh. You know...playing maple.

Leveled to 41 liao. But want faster to level 45, want to use Arc Staff.
Wanted to buy Fairy Wand, but 400k leh, so expensive. So still using Petal Staff, traded with Maple Coin from Spiegelmann. Now, trying to accumulate 50 coins for Spiegelmann's Necklace. Only got 22. need 25 more. T.T

Now having patch from morning.
Was suppose to be from 8 - 11, but scheduled to start at 9 - 12.
Okay, byyes.

14th post .
Monday, December 22, 2008 @ 5:27 PM

I seriously hate myself for getting my life into such a mess. I wish that I can rewind the time back to P3.

Maple solved liao, re-downloaded the whole client patch.
4 hours leh.
Currently Level 37.

Had the Christmas Party on 20th December as mentioned in my previous post & it sucks.
Enqi was late. Zzz
Met her only like 4.55 then went to school. So many people.
Then Estella went to the gate then asked her what to do.
The organiser gave each of us a soft toy? A orange cat. An abnormal one.
Then we went up to the hall. Then after awhile, went down again. Because was so damn boring. What swimming things?
Then wanted to sit at the snake&ladder there, but was chased up by a uncle.
So we go up lor. But this time changed seats. But tried to sneak down again, cannot, but the boys and some girls just went down, don't care about the uncle's advice.
Then sit there do nothing. Then dinner time, went to eat dinner. Then sneak out to the school's opposite HDB playground with Enqi, Estella, Priya & Yijun. Success!
Play there for awhile then saw some aunty also sneaked out. Haha.
Then no where to go liao. Enqi want to go to her mother's friend party.
So her maid come fetch her then Priya, Yijun and Estella no place to go. I also.
So I called home and asked if they can come to my house. Okay.
So went to my house. All 3 ransacked my room.
Then see this see that.
Then still hungry, Estella want to go down to buy western.
Yijun, Priya accompanied her, asked her to help me buy.
Priya & Estella shared Fish & Chips.
Yijun and Me 1 chicken burger each.
Then they went home after that.

Went to 'With a pinch of salt' for lunch. At TanjongKatong there.
Then I ate a set meal.

- Fruit Punch
- Creme of Mushroom
- Softshell crab pasta
- Icecream

Then later when to Bugis there for a talk.
On MoneyMatters. Zzz. Very blur leh. And I hate it.
Still have money one. (Fake money)
Answer Q still must shout 'Grab!'
Then ended at 4. Then went to Bugis to meet my father.
I wanted a 10k a-cash Maple Card.
But my mother said that she won't buy it for me and my father said that its a waste of money. :(
Learning piano is more of a waste of money when you already lost your interest in it.
So bought another handphone strap with my name on it.
Show you next time.
Then came home, went down for dinner with my grandmother because its 冬至.
Then sit behind us alot of boys, the way they talk can know is Normal the students liao. All vulgarities one. Have C*, F*** and alot more la. My mother look at me.
Then lastly :
I seriously hate myself for getting my life into such a mess. I wish that I can rewind the time back to P3.

I seriously hate myself for getting my life into such a mess. I wish that I can rewind the time back to P3.

I seriously hate myself for getting my life into such a mess. I wish that I can rewind the time back to P3.

I seriously hate myself for getting my life into such a mess. I wish that I can rewind the time back to P3.

I seriously hate myself for getting my life into such a mess. I wish that I can rewind the time back to P3.

I seriously hate myself for getting my life into such a mess. I wish that I can rewind the time back to P3.

I seriously hate myself for getting my life into such a mess. I wish that I can rewind the time back to P3.

I seriously hate myself for getting my life into such a mess. I wish that I can rewind the time back to P3.

I seriously hate myself for getting my life into such a mess. I wish that I can rewind the time back to P3.

I seriously hate myself for getting my life into such a mess. I wish that I can rewind the time back to P3.

13th post .
Friday, December 19, 2008 @ 4:51 PM

Zzz Woke up so early today luh. 7.30.
So tired la. 7.50 went down, then Enqi called me and said that she cannot make it by 8. Her mother can only go down at least by 8.15. Zzz.
Then we go ourself 1st lor.
So many people can? Quite big la.
Look at a board. In class 1E4, the worst Express class. Of course la, just passed 216 by abit ma.
At 1st still so happy get into Beatty but when reach the school, look at the board, only Joanne & Saira same class as me. :( Enqi, Adeline and Christina in best class leh. 1E1. But only Enqi same house as me. But different class. Jellicoe. Green colour.
Took queue number and the folder. Can walk walk 1st, so went to the Heritage centre.
Only Christina and me reached that time. Then saw Adeline and Joanne came together.
Then later don't know who said can go up to the hall liao, then go up lor.
Like FPPS leh. :( The staircase and the canteen totally in same place one. :(
Then parents sit on chair leh, sit behind, then we must sit infront according to class. Then I must wait for Joanne to come then go, I don't want to go alone.
Then she come liao, then we go and sit together.
Don't know who talk talk talk, then the Principal talk, damn luo-so can. Then 5th-6th Jan still have Sec1 Orientation Camp. So many things to bring leh.

- 2 T-shirts (1 set is to be school PE shirt)
- 2 pairs of shorts(1 pair is to be school PE shorts)
- 3 pairs of underwear
- 1 pair of slippers / sandals
- 1 pair of school shoes
- 1 pair of track pants
- 1 set of wind breaker / sweater
- 1 sleeping bag
- 1 set of toiletries
- 1 bath towel
- 1 torch(optional)

Walao, so many right? Worse than my P5 camp. Still must pay $10.
Then talk talk talk, then must see your queue number and wait until your number is up. Register liao then went to queue for textbooks.
Damn long la. So my father queue textbooks then my mother bring me to buy uniform.
Longer than the textbooks la.
Then asked Enqi if want to buy, then she queue at the back, her mother asked her to come and queue with us. Then my mother went to the textbooks there for NETS or something, ask me to wait. I at the door liao she still haven't come back, so I asked Enqi and the people behind to go 1st lor.
Then Enqi ask me to follow, her mother said to help me pay 1st.
My mother said okay, bought 2 sets of uniform, 2 sets of PE attire, 3 pair of socks. $73 leh. So expensive.
Then later my father bought the textbooks, so heavy la. And its a total of $359.15. Zzz...So expensive right? My mother said its my lunch for half a year. Lol.
Then Enqi tompang our car home. Drove for 1 whole round to tell us where to get down, which bus-stop to go home. Waa...
Then finally go home liao. Father find space to park then me and my mother came home 1st.
Then Enqi called me to lend her my SE charger.
Then went down to meet her. Tomorrow then return me.
Then chicken chop for lunch.
Then about 2.45, went to Mandai to see my grandfather & to tell him my results.
Then went home liao.

&& going back to school tomorrow for a christmas party organised by don't know what la. Hope its fun.
Me and my friends expected it to be until 10 like that, but then 8.30 jiu end liao.

12th post .
Thursday, December 18, 2008 @ 9:06 PM

Slept like a pig even though today was the results for Secondary 1.
Was scared that I could not get into Beatty, my 1st choice.
Woke up at 8.05 today.
Was waken up my my phone's vibration.
Checked phone, 3 messages. LOL.
All regarding the Sec1 posting.
Winnie, Melissa, and was waken up by Priya's sms.
None of them got into Beatty. :(
Since got up liao, cannot go back to sleep, then brush teeth.
Then think, eh? How come my father haven't sms me my school.
I still must sms him leh. Then I got into Beatty. Yay. My 1st choice.
But was scared that those who submitted Beatty as 1st choice, did they get into Beatty?
Heng ah, Joanne, Adeline, Christina, YanWei and Enqi all got into Beatty.
But not is scared not same class.
Not taking HCL in Secondary school anymore.
Scared that I can't cope, and I got Pass for PSLE. Zzz.
Sure is compo fail luh.
Then last minute decision, went to school with Enqi at 11.30 to results.
Wanted to see other people's results but Com lab 3 close liao.
So went to General Office lor, the Aunty asked us if we know our results liao, we don't know what to say, then say no.
Aunty showed us our results, actually we know liao, so instead of looking at mine, I took a quick look at others, but the image is quite blur in my head la.

Now, off-topic.

Just what does (Error Code : 6) The handle is invalid
So, I sent a email to nProtect GameGuard.
This was the reply.

Hello, this is Game Security Center from INCA Internet Co., Ltd.

Thank you for contacting us.

We are sorry to your inconvenience for playing game.

However, as to the erl files that you sent us, it would be normal closed.

Would you try to play again and again when you face with error?

Erl files are log files that GameGuard creates while in operation. The files like npgl.erl, npgg.erl, npgmup.erl, npsc.erl, npgm.erl should be made in GameGuard folder into the Game Installations folder.

It seems like that the normal closing gameguard. Therefore please send us fresh erl files that the error occurred to

Thank you.

I wonder if its my understanding poor or is this person's English just that bad?
I just don't understand a single thing in the reply.
Help!! I'm going crazy without Maple for 2 days!!
None of the patches on the Maple website work.
Enqi suggested that I redownload the whole software again.
But the problem is, it takes more than 2 hours! Argghh! So long.
And the Manual Patch, I clicked on the 0.64-0.65 (of course la, who wants the outdated one) and completed it (100%), so, did the patch again.
& I call this DAMN! It still won't work. I bo patience one hor, feel like smashing the whole computer!
Wanted a A-Cash card for Christmas & B'day card.
Will I still want it? I may not be able to play Maple ever again.
Then what do I want for Christmas Present?
Okay, done liao.

11th post .
Wednesday, December 17, 2008 @ 9:27 PM


Damn it!
There's too many unnecessary items in the computer that takes up so much space!
There's a Maple Patch from this morning 9 to afternoon 2.
Could not play this morning.
And now, the patch wasa halfway done, almost like 95% liao, then not enought space. Damn! Then deleted so many of my files. Zzz. They said to remove 200MB and above of files ma. I removed like 400MB+ leh. Argghh!
Still cannot! My Patch!!!!!!
Going to ask my father to uninstall Audition and other unnecessary items in my folder.
So, those who play Audition and has me (--Silence-D-) in your Friend list, I suggest that you remove it. Be enviromentally-friendly. :D Save space. :D
I want to play Maple!!! I'm on the verge of leveling to 36. :(
I'm just missing a Bathrobe from Wetbottom's quest : Wetbottom's Secret Book.
I've done the quest last night but haven't go to Dungeon to submit.
Dc-ed and father was waiting for computer last night.
Got the Rina's Special Unagi, 50 Lupin Bananas and 1 Fresh Milk. (All with the help of KonataSan, EY)
:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(


I want to play!
I want to play!
I want to play!
I want to play!
I want to play!
I want to play!
I want to play!
I want to play!
I want to play!
I want to play!
I want to play!

10th post .
Monday, December 8, 2008 @ 8:02 PM

Quite long since my last update.
Its like 8 days?
Lazy to post for the first couple of days.
But as it goes on, I wanted to, but have got no time.
Was playing Maple like crazy.
Yup, thanks to Enqi, who influenced me to play again.
And we call ourselves Mapletards. :D
And and, I got a Jie, guess who is it.
I won't tell you anyway.
And, is Enqi pro or what?
In less than 1 week, she leveled to 30. A total new character. Not old or what.

Didn't use IE for a whole of 6 days.
Was totally addicted to Maple.
Wanted to level as much as I can, so as to go to the Monster Carnival with Enqi.
I think it'll take me a long time.
Okay, done.
Think that will not be updating for the next couple of days or couple of weeks.
Until I reach lv. 30 I guess.
Okay, byyes!

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