26th post .
Saturday, February 28, 2009 @ 10:46 AM


Happy Birthday!
You're in the 13s' Group and officially a teenager! Hahas.
Welcome to the Group! Woots!~
This post was for the sake of Priya, so Byyes!
May post tonight.


25th post .
Friday, February 27, 2009 @ 9:15 PM

Today was nice luh.
School ended at 12.30.
But HCL Students had to stay back for extra 1 hour for extended lesson.
Sad. :(
Cannot go home with Enqi and Adeline.
Sat Melissa's mother car home with Yanwei, Joanne and her.
Dropped me off at Pek Kio Market, had to buy lunch.
Then wanted to go back to FPPS with Yanwei and Joanne, wondered if they ate La Jiao Yu Yuan.
I miss it! Its nice. If I known, I buy my lunch from FPPS.
I miss the food, friends and practically everything there!!

Wrote that I saw a rainbow and took tons of pictures in my previous post right?
Not exactly.
Saw a rainbow, thats true.
But the tons of pictures, its not exactly true.
5 only.

The first one :

2nd de :

3rd :

4th :

5th :

Okays, thats all.
Going dinner now.

24th post .
Thursday, February 26, 2009 @ 4:00 PM

How to start this post off?
I seriously have no idea.
Anyways, I just submitted a new skin on BS.
Its my 6th skin since last year. LOLS.

The ss :

If the image is too small, click on the picture to zoom in.
And, the ss is not that clear.
The url is :
Please comment and rate and tell me who you are.

Btw, yesterday was OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!
It was raining after volleyball yesterday and we were carrying bags and bags of stuff.
We had no hands to carry the umbrella.
We were struggling with it. Hahas.
Then me, Adeline and Enqi saw a rainbow!!
A very obvious one!!
Took tons of pictures but MAY upload it next time.
Okays, Byyes!

23th post .
Sunday, February 22, 2009 @ 1:02 AM

Oh. My. Gosh.
Again, my last post was at Friday The 13th.
And look at the time now! Its 1.02am.
And I'm still using the computer.
Lets talk about Wednesday, the one which just passed this week.
Had training, but that was the best volleyball training among all the trainings so far for me.
Its like so relaxing, only before after warmup.
During warm up, feel like dying! Did 18 sets of suiside(?).
Then Coach asked a Sec 2 senior to take a Sec 1 to train with us.
But I just can't seem to pass the ball forward.
Then later Coach ask the same Sec 2 who trained with us just now to train with us now - Serving.
Had to serve the ball across the net, but just can't seem to do it.
Only me and Yanwei can't do it. T.T
Other people all can. How?!
Then Coach make us play competition-mode.
We like so blur like that, then everytime the ball dropping to Enqi, she cannot hit de. Then she keep blaming herself. Like as though only her? I also what.
Then until 6.20 went home.

Today, went to Toa Payoh Stadium for FPPS's Sports Day.
Nice luh! Falcon won again. Consecutively for 7 years. :D
Then saw alot of Ex-FPPSians.
Then later around 11.15, me, Priya, Amanda and Estella went to Cineleisure.
Suppose to go to Vivo de. But somehow, Amanda managed to persuade us to go to Cineleisure with her. Lols.
Then she wanted to go there to see her idol the event at KBox, but think need ticket so cannot.
Lunch at Subway.
Then took neo-prints. I like spoil the whole picture cause I'm not photogenic.
And 1 machine like make my eye look like cartoon and Priya's eye so dark. Like she got dark circles .
Then walked to Heerens(?), HMV, so big luhs.
Then later find place to sit outside Billabong.
Then saw Mac, so bought a bottle of mineral water. Then after that, went to Plaza Singapura.
Damn pissed off with Estella and Amanda there.
Don't want to talk about it.
Then when Priya and Estella left, I accompanied Amanda to TS to look at her Taiwan Dramas.
Then later my parents reached then took bus to Changi Airport there the Crowne Plaza Hotel for dinner.
Then is like so full lor. But the food like nice!
Then eat until like 9.30.
Then sit my uncle's car home. Reached home at 10.15.
Then came home then bath.
I'm totally bushed out! But after the bath, not tired le.
Then now still doing homework. Die.

22nd post .
Friday, February 13, 2009 @ 9:37 PM

It has been more than 1 week since I last posted.
And I apologise here. But I didn't think of posting today too.
But since I logged onto Blogger, so I thought why not post.
Many things happen in school this week.

Monday had volleyball practice till 6, as usual.
Then went home.

Tuesday, we commemorated Total Defence Day, recess in class and had Field Ration as food.
Spaghetti ( I think ) as recess. Like little worms crawling like that.
That school ended at 11. Nice!

Wednesday, had volleyball practice too.
And it was the worst volleyball practice so far!!
My whole body is aching.
And its the worst aching ever!
So tired on that day. Weight-training, blablabla.
I can't take it anymore!
I feel like venting out all my frustrations here!!!!!!
90 sit-ups?! Crazy right?
We like training for Olympics like that.

Thursday, I 'killed' somebody in school.
His name is Marcus, but now Marcus T. or Marcus D. or Marcus P. , its Marcus Sin(I think)
And he asked a indian classmate to pronouce my name and he pronounced 'Si Chuan'.
I feel like slapping him in the face! ( I mean Marcus, not the indian classmate.)
And he went around telling the boys in my class that my name 'Si Chuan', 'Si Chuan', 'Si Chuan'....
And he would purposely try to walk pass me and say 'Si Chuan'!
But he got his jiao shun, everytime he does that, I knew before hand le, I can see him walking behind and shout 'Si Chuan', I would quickly hit him on his back and he would let out a super loud 'Ouch'. My hand don't feel pain but his 'Ouch' like super pain and the sound like very sharp but maybe he got alot of fats thats why my hand not pain.
But he also gave Joanne a new name - Zhu-an, she also like want to kill him also.
We just hit him on the back. Super hard.
And there's this guy that both me and Joanne like to bully - Gareth.
Sometimes he see us will run but sometimes won't.
And after music, the 1st person that Marcus told about 'Si Chuan' is Gareth, and Gareth repeated it infront of me and he saw me and keep tui hou because he scared I kick him but haha, Joanne standing behind him and he bumped into her.
He turn around and run but I don't care. Let him go lor.
Then suppose whole class have detention from 2 - 4 on that day, we wasted 20 minutes in class till 2.20, whole class was in chaos, and that Marcus that day gang hao have duty to do ( sweep floor ) so he walk past me, I slapped him on the back alot of times. Sweet!~
Then, in the end, don't need to stay back because Mdm Huzaifah couldn't make it, so postpone to next week.
Then me and Joanne quickly run out of school hoping to go home with Adeline and Enqi they all.
We run like crazy then reached bus stop, thank god they still there.
Then wanted to give them surprise but when want to jump on them, they stand up and we scream like crazy people, then they look at us thought we need to stay back, told them everything.

Friday, which is today.
That damn Marcus again, called me by that name again in the morning when we just reached school in class.
I went with Joanne to locker to take art things.
He saw me went out and thought that I haven't come back.
Then he stood at the window looking if I'm back, waiting to call 'Si Chuan' again.
But when he turned around and saw me, he was like so surprised like that.
He said something like : I thought you haven't come back? I still want to stand at the window and shout later.
Then I was like, run after him want to hit him. But never.
Then nothing happened le.
Lazy to say.

Started this post at 9.37pm but now already 10.30pm le, going to be more than 1 hour le.
Okays, Byyes.

21st post .
Wednesday, February 4, 2009 @ 8:02 PM

I'm dead beat! But still want to use the computer.
Just came back from school 6.20.
Want to die la!
Whole body aching. T.T

Had volleyball practice today.
Supposed to be from 3 - 5.30, but started raining at 4.30 I think.
Then coach ask us to stop.
Still have 1 hour, so coach brought us to a classroom and showed us some videos related to volleyball, videos was in chinese so coach translated to us.
Then showed some videos is his Primary 5 the kids playing in tournament(?).
The P5 so pro la. Like professionals like that.
If only I can play like that. When will that day come, I wonder...
Okays, nevermind.
Before that, was at the parade square training.
Train until here pain, there pain, everywhere pain.
I wish to join info com. T.T
Have Adobe Photoshop training and get to use MacBook. T.T
But Enqi said that it was so boring and she wants to transfer CCA to volleyball.

I don't know whether to believe her or what.
So, don't care lor.
Then, skip skip skip...

Was raining when CCA ended, didn't know what to do. How to go home.
Then Yanwei asked her father if Enqi, Christina, Adeline and me can tompang her father's van to go home. Her father said okay!
But was like so squeezy inside the van.
But nevermind la.

Made my own dinner tonight. Mini tuna melts from my Home Econ textbook, one of the recipes.
I make one like so disgusting. My mother made for me last Sunday, it was like so much nicer.
Okays, nothing to say liao.
Very tired, feel like sleeping.
So better end this post before I start talking crap.

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