81st post.
Sunday, June 28, 2009 @ 8:51 PM

Ps for not posting yesterday.
Lazy you see.
This will be a short one.
Damn it, tomorrow school le.

Die la. So freaking dreading school tomorrow. Man, damn that freaking KeyBoard Warrior! Take away my extended holidays. Man, freak you KeyBoard Warrior!
So cannot adjust my brain alarm back to 5.45am.
I woke up at 10am today. Wthell?!
Die die die.
Freak you KeyBoard Warrior!
Freak you.
Freak you.
Freak you!
Damn I want my extended holidays. T.T
If only AYG will be held in my school, then don't need to go to school.

Eeeeeeee, don't want school leh.
From tomorrow onwards, so many not good things will happen.
Have to wake up early.
Computer only on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.
Have to freeze my karma on plurk if not it will drop. D:
And many others.
So, will not be posting too frequently.
And, my AUDI FAM and members, please don't kick me as I will not be so active compared to holidays. But I'll try my best to be active!

Okay, gtg soon.

80th post .
Friday, June 26, 2009 @ 9:14 PM

Woots! My 80th post.

Anyway, happy happy happy now. :D
I passed my AUDI level 18 licence, 7 attempts.
Wasted 11200 dens in all including the 7th attempt.
But, reward was 11200 dens. So, I got back that 11200 dens afterall.
But if I took 2-4 attempts, I would have got more!
Btw, I finally got in a FAM! BikiniBottom. LOL.
Did their FAM req to get in.

Song : Be My Lover.
Mode : CC4.
Required Score : 800k.
My Score : 850k I think.

Happy happy happy me. :D
Almost got into a FAM last time, no need req de but need to change IGN.
Then I no cash so never join lor.
Anyway, stopped computer at 3+ today.
Watched TV then went to bathe and went out for piano.
Still cannot play my Grade 5 pieces well and exam is in September.
Damn scared fail.
If only pop songs are exam pieces. Sure pass de.
Teacher like so pek with me. For few months le, still cannot play well. T.T
Then bought dinner, ate.
And computering now.
Find that plurk is so quiet now.

Today is the last weekday of holidays!
*sob sob sob sob sob sob sobb*
I want extended holidays! T.T
Sian, monday have school.
Hating the new timetable.
No more 1pm end school, all 1.30pm or 2pm except Friday still the same, 12.30pm. ><
This is called life.
And life is terrible.
So, don't ever like life. ;x

79th post .
@ 9:44 AM

Ps for not posting yesterday.
Woke up, computer-ed.
Plurk-ed with alot of people! Plurk was so alive yesterday.
Then afternoon walked to my aunty house.
Around 5pm, walked to MRT station and went to Boon Keng to get haircut.
Zz, why always I tio guy cut for me one?
Then my 2 cousins and aunty got female.
Why the heck!
In BeiJing last time also.
Only I tio guy, my cousin, uncle and father got female.
WTH. Nevermind. Next time must request le, if not tio again.
He cut my hair until like don't know what. -.-
Hate it la. He curl the bottom of my hair until so curly can...zz
Then mine take the longest to finish. -.-
Then had dinner at Hawker Centre there.
Ate Char Kweh Teow. Then went home le.


Tagged By XinWen to do a quiz.

All of the 14 person must do this quiz , unless (s)he does'nt have a blog .
Write the names of 14 people you can think off the top of your head , then answer the question .

1.Cheryl Ong.

01. How did you meet 7? Amelyn
In school this year.

02. What will you do if you & 13 never met? Zoanne
True. Never met her before.

03. What will you do if 1 & 12 date? Cheryl Ong & YockYen.
LOL, don't know? They don't know each other.

04. Have you ever seen 14 cry? Charmaine.
Er, no?

05. Would 4 & 11 be a good couple? Regina & XiTong.
Definitely NO. They're no lesbians.

06. Do you think 11 is attractive? XiTong.
Oh yea~

07. What's 2's favourite color? Priya.
Don't know? Pink?

08. What was the last time you talk to 9? Lina.
Yesterday on MSN.

09. What language does 8 speaks? LiTing.

10. Who is 13 going out with? Zoanne.
Don't know.

11. What grade is 12 in? YockYen

12. Would you ever date 10? Melissa.
Oh sure. If she's willing. Jkjk.

13. Where does 5 leave? Winnie.
Farrer Park.

14. What's the best thing about 3? JingYi.
Understanding and she's my DAJIE! :D

15. What would you want to tell 10? Melissa.
Do you know you looked like a traveler from an ang-moh country on Tuesday?

16. Whats the best thing about 8? LiTing.

17. Have you ever kissed 5? Winnie.
No luh. -.-

18. Whats the best memory of you with 7? Amelyn.
I don't know? The drama?

19. When was the last time you saw 6? Yijun.
This year June holidays.

20.How are 12 & 14 different? YockYen & Charmaine.

21. Is 6 pretty? Yijun.

22. How did you meet 5? Winnie.
Primary 2.

23. Is 1 your best friend? Cheryl Ong.
Hai okay luh. Long time no see le.

24. Do you hate 12? YockYen.

25. Have you seen 4 last month? Regina.

26. What was the last thing you said to 3? JingYi.
WB on plurk.

27. Have you been to 5 house? Winnie.

28. When's the next time you going to see 10? Melissa.
School reopens?

29. Are you close to 13? Zoanne.

30. Have you ever been to a movie with 4 before? Regina.
No, but waiting for that day. :D

31. Have you ever been into a trouble with 8? LiTing.

32. Would you give 2 a hug? Priya.

33. When have you lied to 3? JingYi.

34. Is 1 good with Socializing? Cheryl Ong.

35. Do you know secrets about 9? Lina.

36. Describe the relationship between 12 & 14? YockYen & Charmaine.

37. Best thing about your friendship with 9. Lina.

38. Whats the worst thing about 6? Yijun.

39. Have you ever had a crush on 12? YockYen.
LOL. I'm not lesbian.

40. Does 14 has a stead? Charmaine.

41. Have you ever wanted to punch 1's face? Cheryl Ong.

42. Has 2 met your mother? Priya.

43. How did you get to meet 3? JingYi.
In school this year.

44. Did you ever physically hurt 2? Priya.
No. Play play counted?

45. Do you live close to 7? Amelyn.
Way no.

46. Whats 8 favourite food? LiTing.
Not sure.

47. What kind of cars do 1 has? Cheryl.
*Ahem* 13 year old how to drive car?

48. Have you travelled anywhere with 9 before? Lina.
Bus only.

49. If you give 14 a $100, what will (s)he spend it on? Charmaine.
Don't know?

Finally done.

78th post .
Wednesday, June 24, 2009 @ 9:13 PM

OMGosh, Mdm Huzaifah just called me.
Thought will be something big.
Yuan lai is ask me if I went overseas. -.-
Anyway, today, had volleyball.
Went to school, reached at 2.35pm.
Was supposed to reach at 2.30pm.
Had Bonding games between Sec1 but was raining.
So sat at the chairs and chatted.
Chat chat, chat until boyfriends and love. LOL.
Then rain stop abit le, left drizzle, so went to play captain's ball.
Then play half way, Ms Tuan called us in to take temperature.
My temperature damn high. 37.3[DEGREE CELSIUS] -.-
Think was playing before that, thats why.
Then our coach asked all the Sec1 to go to him.
Sat at a table and he talked, talk like as though he lecturer like that. ;x
Until 4.10pm like that. Leg and butt damn pain leh. Nevermind.
Then wanted to go to gym to lian our muscles. :D
But because seniors all there so we never go.
Then Ms Loo said hall can use so went up.
Then after awhile, she came up to say cannot bring balls up. -.-
So, did foot drills the whole time.
From 4.20pm to 6.15pm then have break.
Wakao, want us to die is it.
Wanna go audi, bye.

77th post .
Tuesday, June 23, 2009 @ 8:22 PM


Words to describe me.
Damn tired.
Waited until 12am to wish JingYi Happy 13th Birthday.
Woke up, 9am.
Don't know why damn early today.
Then brush teeth, eat breakfast and computer-ed again.
Audi-ed awhile, plurk awhile, bloghopped while.
Did everything awhile.
Then changed, checked everything done, windows locked, fans and everything off-ed.
Went down at 11.40am.
Enqi not there.
Sms-ed her after awhile, around 11.43am.
She replied : OMG. I just finished showering. -.- k, I go wear my shoes.
Nevermind, while waiting, went to buy mentos.
Then she came.
Took MRT to Boon Keng to meet Melissa at the ti-ti-ti machine. LOL.
Was late, obviously.
Me and Enqi was expecting a scolding from Melissa but she herself was even later than us. :D
Then there was this mama shop outside the ti-ti-ti machine, Enqi so damn curious. Like she never go MRT station before. -.-
Then stood outside to see the posters.
Enqi turned and saw Melissa.
Both of them started laughing. -.-
For different reasons.
Enqi laughed - Melissa looked like a traveler from some foreign country with her bag.
Melissa laughed - Enqi new hairstyle looked so retarded. ;x
Melissa didn't have the time to adjust to her new hairstyle. She received a big shock.
She was standing and laughing.
Okay, both cooled down and Enqi was so pissed. She herself also didn't like her own hairstyle.
Walked to KFC for lunch.
McDonalds - Rejected. Why? Because Melissa just ate it yesterday.
Hawker Centre - First to be rejected, by Enqi. Why? Because no air-con. -.-

Ordered Zinger Student Meal.
Took MRT to Serangoon then changed to Circle Line. My first time taking leh! :D
Took to Lorong Chuan and ABC was waiting for us there.
Circle Line like very quiet leh. No people de.
Walked to her house.
Then have this bunch of pai kia or males la, they damn rowdy leh.
Still speak vulgar. Shouting across the pool.
Then there was this security guard, he came up to the swimming pool to look.
Then the boys suddenly quieten down.
The security guard came over to talk to us.
Then walked over to them. To check on their attire and if any of them are residents here and blablabla.
Then don't know talk what, cannot hear and the security guard suddenly point towards us.
We were freaked out leh! You know, we scared the pai kia come fight because we got them into trouble?
Then, suddenly hear foot steps from those people and it was getting louder and louder.
Thank god, the security guard escort them to the main gate and watch them go out.
Then the security guard came back and walked towards us.
He said he was watching them from the security guard room(?) then came up.
Then those people see him le still don't move and stay in water because they were not in proper attire.
One was even in underwear. -.-
Then asked if they were residents and one said that their friend was and he asked for the unit number, they kept quiet.
Then he escorted them out.
Thought they coming to us for trouble.
ABC bought curry puffs and 7-up for us.
Ate then went to bathe.
I bathed the fastest. Yay! :D
Enqi the slowest. ;x
Then packed stuff and everything and went out.
ABC was already done worhs.
Then she bought a packet of potato chips.
We were curious what things are sold inside so we went in.
Never bring wallet.
Only Enqi.
Then bought a packet of seaweed. $0.50.
Paid Enqi when went back.
Then shared potato chips, washed hands and left.
Only 5pm at that time.
Was reluctant to go home. Then Melissa asked when is Be-Yourself Day and Enqi said July and Melissa asked if we want to wear the same clothes?
I want! Enqi too.
But then I different class from the both of them, will anybody notice that I wore the same clothes as them? No! Sure one.
Then at first wanted to go to Boon Keng to buy bubble tea, then don't want la.
Then wanted to go plaza singapura to buy the clothes, me and Enqi like too last minute and no money le. So, also never go.
Then in the end, went home luh.
Didn't know what to buy for dinner.
So, called aunty's home and asked if I can eat dinner at their house.
Okay, fine.
Zzz, didn't know was instant noodles. So regretted.
Nevermind, father came to fetch me.
Walked home.

Having vb training tomorrow.
Don't feel like going.
Have to go damn early just for some bonding games. -.-
We already so bonded what, still need bonding games?
I hate forfeits. Esp. in front of a big group of people.

Hate my life.
Why must it be like that?
Can't I change my fate?
Or is it destined to be like that?
Feel like dying.
Don't find a meaning in living anymore.
Regina, thanks for your concern! :D
But, you're not me.
You won't understand how I'm feeling now.
And, nobody will because they're not me.
Just leave me alone.
Let me live each day non-meaningfully.
Since I don't care about myself, I don't see why other people are caring for me?

Was still feeling very happy at the start of the post, but now, I'm so moody.
So, don't come and talk to me.

Just found that this post is looong.
Zai Jian.

76th post .
Monday, June 22, 2009 @ 8:35 PM

So happy that coach was so lax with us during training today.

Woke up at 9.30am I think.
Purposely de.
Want to use computer. :D
But then, ate breakfast first. I very guai one hor. Won't miss any meals unless I'm not hungry.
Overnight fried mee hoon. Yuck luh.
Didn't even finish half of it, threw away.
Then computer-ed.
Played audi.
Woots!~ Did 188bpm CFM twice! :DDD
Just received news that no more extended holidays.
Thought school holidays will be extended.
So disappointed.
Still thought that will be extended due to H1N1.
Yuan lai shi crap lai de.
Still thought can have 1 more week of holidays.
Brain alarm don't need to adjust so soon.
Yi chang huan xi, yi chang kong.
Shall chiong with homework le.

Met Adeline and Enqi at 2.35pm.
But Adeline forgot to bring her ODT, so she rushed back to get it.
Me and Enqi waited for her at my lift lobby.
Then when Adeline came back, Enqi realised she forgot to bring her water bottle so she went to NTUC to buy. -.-
Then walked to bus stop.
Missed 56.
Waited till 3pm.
Was late for training.
But thank god they having warmup only.
So quickly ran 3rounds and warmup then did ball drills.
Then coach practice digging with us.
Damn funny luh.
Then did setting.
OMG, my setting can die. -.-
Keep having problems with setting.
Don't know why. D:
Then did 10 sets of shuttle run, want to die ah.
Then after that, did bench jumping.
10 sets too.
But if bench jumping can replace with shuttle run, I sure say okay one.
6.30pm then released leh, so late.
Thank god Yanwei father agreed to fetch us home.
Reached home at 7pm.
Ate first.
Then bathed.
And now computer. :D

75th post .
Sunday, June 21, 2009 @ 8:10 PM

Look, going to keep this post as short as possible cause I want to play audi. :D
Or maybe not.

Woke up at 10.30am.
Gonna have to adjust my brain alarm when school reopens or I cannot wake up at 5.45am.
Haiyo, if only can wake up at 6am.
I don't mind just 15minutes of extra sleep.
I'll miss 10.30am I guess.
So, didn't eat breakfast as usual.
Then 11am, mother cooked spaghetti for me again.
Then 12pm went out.
Went to temple to bai bai for wai gong because today father's day.
But he's my ah gong. So should it be ah gong jie for me instead of father's day?
Left around 12.30pm?
Headed for Bugis.
Ate at Toast Box.
Thick peanut toast! Yumyum <3
Then mother went to OG to buy bag and shop shop.
Me and father went to buy Land of the Lost. :DDDD
Then still have time so father suggested that we went to Iluma to walk.
You know, the new shopping centre opposite Bugis?
Damn cold luh.
Walk walk then went back to Bugis at 3pm.
Movie starts at 3.10pm.
Went inside cinema, immediately put on my jacket. -.-
Damn cold luh~
My father also said.
Okay, fine, maybe not cold. The wind is blowing directly at us.
Yea, papa, good choice of seats. -.-
Nevermind, was cuddling myself the whole time.
Movie finished at 4.50pm.
Me and my father rushed out of the cinema immediately. LOL.
Then met my mother and ate dinner at Food Junction.
Ate Korean BBQ Chicken Set.
LOL, I spilled the soup all over the tray.
Then took bus home.
OMG, the movie was so funny.
There was this primeape or they call it monkey so funny.
Watch it and you'll get what I mean.
His hands so dirty. And itchy.
Okay, I'll end this post here.


74th post .
Saturday, June 20, 2009 @ 9:20 PM

So sorry for not posting yesterday.
Totally forgotten about posting.
Anyway, even if I posted yesterday, it was just a waste of time.
Woke up then computer-ed.
Then watch tv, bathe and went for piano.
Bought dinner as mcspicy.
Walked home and continued watching tv.
Around 10pm then on computer.
See, boring right?
Nobody will bother reading I guess.
Nevermind. I typed about yesterday anyway.

Then, today.
Nevermind about it.
Stayed home until 6.30pm.
Went out for dinner to a restaurant with my mother side family.
Nice nice dishes. :D
Then slowly walked home.
Okay, fine. Toady was even more of a boring day.

73rd post .
Thursday, June 18, 2009 @ 2:55 PM

So sorry! Didn't post yesterday.
Was kinda lazy you see.
So, nevermind about yesterday. Was so pissed off!
Audition patching from morning 9.30am to 3.30pm.
Its 6 whole hours, was so angry. $%$^##$@%$&
Nevermind about 6 hours, but it was extended to 6pm.
Okay, nevermind about until 6pm.
Was anticipating 6pm yesterday like crazy.
Then 6pm!! 6pm!! 6pm!!
Still not done. This time, really pissed le la. %$&%^!%$#*&^%$#^##$$#^
Then Audi website also never write extended until what time.
So was like waiting endlessly.
Then finally! At 8pm, patch was done.
Almost 12hours leh.
Wonder how a patch can take up to 12hours?!
Then at night ma, my skills totally go down.
Only morning then my skills are there.
Dk why. D:

Woots~! Karma reach 50 le.
Now 50.06.
Now I wish for Karma 55. :D

Kays, byyes.

72nd post .
Tuesday, June 16, 2009 @ 2:22 PM

Just finished my McChicken. :D

Slept at 12.30am yesterday again but today woke up even earlier!
Don't know why. D:
Watched TV until Aunty called and say can go over.
Reached at 11am.
Waited for Uncle to wake up and setup my computer.
Lunch is fried rice. Yumyum <3
Today's fried rice damn yummy. :D
Ate 2 bowls. LOL.
Computer-ed all the way until 3+ then remembered Aunty asked me to mark my cousin's assessment books. Went to mark and when I continued with computer again, saw that Melissa and Enqi were already chatting then I was not there. They kept OI-ing me but I no reply. So sorry luhs!
Okay, next tuesday's arrangement done. Checked.
Then keep going audi then leave for several times. Pet society also.
Wish karma faster reach 50!
Dinner spaghetti cooked by my aunty. Nice leh, why she cook the food all so nice?
Then she gave me ice cream to eat.
Mixture of 3 flavours - Corn, Yam and Mango.
The yam is the nicest! Mango too sweet then corn no taste one.
Then still not full.
Called my father and asked him he where.
Then he at Peoples' Park so asked him to help me buy McChicken.
Came to fetch me and walked home.

Shall do quiz.

1.) The person who tagged you.

2.) Your relationship with him or her.
- Friends / Mei.

3.) Your first impression on him/her.
- Like very rich :x

4.) Your most memorable moment with him/her.
- Er, in school?

5.) The most memorable thing you said to him/her.
- Don't remember.

6.) If him/her becomes your lover.
- She'll say yes, I guess?

7.) If him/her becomes your lover, what would you like him/her to improve on.
- Depending lor.

8.) If him/her becomes your enemy, what will you do.
- She won't la, I won't fall out with my mei de.

9.) If him/her becomes your enemy, what will be the reason.
- I won't fall out with my mei!

10.) The most desired thing you want to do for her/him now.
- I don't know?

11.) Your overall impression on her/him.
- 5/5 stars. ^^

12.) The characteristic you love most about yourself.
- Nothing.

13.) The characteristic you hate most about yourself.
- Everything. LOL.

14.) The most ideal person you want to be.
- Myself. :D

15.) For people that care and like you, say something to them.

16.) Pass this quiz to 10 people who you want to know how they feel about you.


finally -.-

17.) Who is 6 having a relationship with?
Er, nobody.

18.) Is 9 a male or female?

19.) If 7 and 10 were together, would it be a good thing?
They don't even know each other.

20.) What is 2 studying at the moment?

21.) When was the last time you had a chat with 3?

22.) What kind of music does 8 like?
I also don't know. :x

23.) Does 1 have any siblings?

24.) Will you woo number 3?

25.) How about 7?
Chances are higher than I would woo 3.

26.) Is 4 single?
Of course.

27.) What's the surname of 5?

28.) What's the hobby of 5?
I don't know. CO-ing?

29.) Do 5 and 9 get along well?
They don't know each other.

30.) Where is 2 studying at?

31.) Say something casual about your eyes?
My eyeballs are black in colour.

32.) Have you tried developing feelings for 5?
No la. -.-

33.) What colours does 4 like?
White, hotpink, turquoise and light blue.

34.) Are 5 and 1 good friends?
Er, yea? 5 take 1 as twinneh.

35.) Does 7 like 2?
They don't know each other.

36.) How did you get to know 2?
In Beatty.

37.) Does 1 have any pets?

38.) Is 7 the sexiest person in the world?

39.) How is 7 related to you?

40.)Describe 1.
My best friend in Beatty other than XiTong. ^^

Post finally finished!

71st post .
Monday, June 15, 2009 @ 10:09 PM

Why is my computer loading so slow?!
Its loading facebook for more than 1minute and its still loading!
I want to play pet society one leh.
WTF LA. :@

Slept at mama's room last night.
Cause got 1 aunty come then she take up my space so I need to sleep at mama's room.
Then slept at 12.30am last night and I woke up at 8.30am?!
So early leh, cannot sleep leh. Idk why. If not I will wake up at 10+am de.
Then wake up, ah ma and aunty suppose to go batam but haven't go.
Aunty came to fetch them to harbourfront while I stayed home then went to aunty's house at 11am I think.
Then uncle still sleeping so cannot use computer.
Oh ya, father gave me that cable and Yay! Can connect le. But very slow.
So started at 12+ then lunch - Fried MeeHoon.
Then computered until 3+, then watch tv awhile, bath and went back to computer until 6+. With intervals of course. :D
Okay, lazy le.

70th post .
Sunday, June 14, 2009 @ 9:52 PM

70th post and another Wooots~!
Got my number pad!!

A 100 BIG THANKS to my aunty for buying me the number pad from the PC Show!

Woke up at 9.30am. Was forced to :X
Need to go out at 10am.
Father rented car from some I-don't-know-company.
Then went down at 10am.
Headed for Mandai but had extra time so drove to Peirce Reservoir to see monkey. LOL.
Then went to Mandai.
Showed my ah gong my results with my 2 cousins and went to Toa Payoh.
Grandma wanted to change specs then I went to adjust the 2 things that rest on my nose and to wash.
Then wanted to go to Ang Mo Kio to eat bak kut teh but changed mind. o.o
Went to fork and spoon at Toa Payoh.
Ate Japanese Cuisine, Salmon Teriyaki Don.
Yumyum! <3 But very small portion. :X
Then Aunty family walked another way while me and my parents went to return car.
Then from Boon Keng MRT took to Plaza Singapura.
Spent almost whole day at PS.
Went to Carrefour to look bluetooth thingy at S.E booth.
Then spent quite a long time in Carrefour.
Left Carrefour around 3.30pm?
Then mummy wanted to look for bags so me and papa went to McDonalds to sit.
Ordered the 6pc Chicken Munchies, something like that, small coke and cappucino.
Omg, the cappucino so nice! <3 Told my father next time I want to drink cappucino, he said ask my mother, I said when she not around la -.-
Yay! :DDD
Then went to Best walk walk, waited for mummy, cannot find bag. LOL.
Papa found some problems with the bluetooth thingy so went back to Carrefour to change. -.-
Then me and my mummy went to find goggles for me swimming. :D
But don't know on which to decide so waited for papa to come back.
Then bought Arena de in the end. $25. Expensive.
Then had dinner. At 5pm!! - The Mahanttan Fish Market. I don't know how spell that country or place. :X
Then was still quite full but nevermind la, ordered creamy seafood pasta.
So creamy can. Have sotong and grilled dory fish.
Cannot finish.
Then left.
Took MRT home with mummy, papa go NLB then walked passed Bugis and bought me my phone cover, the plastic one. :DD Longed for that.
Then brought lappy to aunty house to connect network but cannot. DDD:
So bohbian, cannot lor.
Papa say he come home check if have cable connect to modem.
Pray tomorrow can use!
Okays, byyes.

69th post .
Saturday, June 13, 2009 @ 11:00 PM

Woah, spent so much time on computer today.

Woke up at 10.30, surprising eh?
Maybe its because I was tired from swimming and didn't sleep in the afternoon and slept at 12.30am last night. 10 hours of sleep, Nice~!
Then didn't bother eating breakfast cause late le.
Then grandma went down to eat her lunch, was lazy so didn't follow. xD
Asked her to help me buy chicken rice. Thanks!
Then around 2pm, on computer to back up files and after that, audi-ed le.
Oh My Goodness, I did CFM in 178bpm!! So effing happy! My first time. :DDD
Then ate dinner and bla bla bla.
Today very boring. -.-
Gonna post tomorrow I guess.

68th post .
Friday, June 12, 2009 @ 9:13 PM

Uh, feeling so tired, so sleepy after swimming.

Purposely set alarm at 9am to wake me up.
Then thought wanted to eat breakfast but nevermind.
Quickly packed my stuff and went down to meet Adeline and Enqi for swimming.

Found out that Adeline got the same sling bag as in.
Just that her sling bag's colour is darker than my pink and its shiner.
Maybe because hers is new while mine is not.
Joanne was waiting for us with her mother at her house's void deck.
Adeline's mother thought that Joanne's mother will be swimming so she brought her swimming costume but Joanne's mother did not.
After much consideration, Joanne's mother decided to swim and went back up to search for it and we waited downstairs.
Was just comparing our swimsuits colour (in my bag!) and Joanne went to pull the whole thing out. Wapiang eh.
Took a long time to stuff it into my bag then she just pulled it out. How simple?!
Zzz took a very long time to put it back in.
Walked to Jalan Besar Swimming Complex.
Actually wanted to go to Bishan Swimming Complex, to get familiarise with the surroundings for our swimming lessons but JingYi told Joanne that we need membership card.
Changed into swimming costumes. Very lose.
Enqi wore sort of bikini and we should have taken a picture of it.
I'm scared that at 11am, the water will be too cold but heck care.
Me and Adeline ran and jumped into the pool. Wa, how refreshing.
Joanne and Enqi sat at the edge then went into the pool -.- Can't they just jump? Its just 1 metre.
Then played awhile and warmed myself up because I haven't swam for this whole year.
Played at the 1 metre pool for awhile before going to 1.2 metre then baby pool because Enqi wants. -.-
Then Adeline's mother and Joanne's mother wants to go to the other side of the big pool because no sunlight.
So we accompanied them.
Played at there. Tried doing handstand but failed. My leg came up but was moving back and forth before going back. Quite tough. Esp. with the water pressure.
Then came out of the pool at 1pm.
Bathed and everything...
Ate abit at the swimming complex's canteen.
Bought a Hotdog bun - $1.30, a plate of french fries - $1 and a packet of green tea - $0.80.
Then thought going home but then walked to a coffee shop instead.
To continue lunch? LOL.
Sort of malay food, nasi lemak. The food all red red de, alot of curry so I never eat and not that hungry.
Then the ge pi store is some sort of minimart? Went with Joanne while they were eating to buy ice cream. Bought the same green apple thing that we bought at Pasir Ris Seashore.
Is a layer of ice then inside is jelly. Damn nice but my sensitive teeth very pain.
Walked back using underpass.
Then Enqi they all wanted to go up to Joanne's house to see hamster.
Actually Adeline's mother said go up for 5 minutes, so I followed.
But went up for more than half an hour I guess. Haizz...
Then thought will be home early, want to rest.
But then, reached home at 3.45pm then later at 5.25pm still have to go out for piano.
Cannot even rest for 2hours. D:
Watched tv then fall asleep around 5.05pm.
Then gramdma 5.15pm gang hao come out, saw that I asleep, quickly wake me up.
Waa, saw that left with 10minutes, I rush like don't know what.
But feeling damn tired leh.
But I really enjoyed it. :D
Then at piano, feel like falling asleep.
Teacher let me learn Apologize. Damn difficult. D:
Anyways, tired. Lazy type le.
Byyes. And, nights! :D

67th post .
Thursday, June 11, 2009 @ 8:54 PM

Today damn fun can.
Took neoprints with teacher!

Woke up at 9am.
Then on computer again.
Then EnQi suddenly sms-ed me at 11.45 and said Reach le.
I was like : Huh?! Not 12.45 meh?
Then I was playing audi at that time so I quickly TAB+ALT and replied her sms to give me a few minutes.
I quickly shut down computer and changed and pack my bag and went down.
Then EnQi said she meet me in NTUC.
While in the lift, Melissa called me,
Melissa : CI, you thought 12.45 is it?
Me : Yea.
Melissa : *Laughs* Okays, [teacher's name] said we will drive over to your house.
Me : Okays.
[Call ended]

So I quickly rushed to NTUC to find her.
Went to my lift lobby to wait for them.
Went inside then went to United Square.
Ate at Swensens.
Ordered the what Black Pepper Chicken? I don't know la.
Then waited for more than 20minutes then come.
Then me, Melissa and Enqi ordered Coffee with Mint icecream to share.
The coffee damn bitter.
After food, Melissa used to coupon in 'IN' ( 1 for 1 sundae )
Then [teacher's name] and Melissa shared one while me and Enqi shared one.

Walked around United Square for awhile.
Nothing to shop.

Went to carpark and got into car.
Was making turns and turns on the road because we couldn't think of anywhere to go.
Then I said Bugis to take neoprints but Enqi said somewhere nature. -.-
Then [teacher's name] suggested Bukit Timah Hill.
But in the end went to Bugis. :D
Took a job as a guide in Bugis and went to the neoprint shop.
Realised the machines there damn expensive.
All 2-digits one.
But we took a $12 machine and split the cost into 4 so 1 person paid $3.
The machine was the same as the ones I took with Estella, Amanda and Priya last time.
But me and Enqi was rushing for time when decorating.
Was so blur. Did a wrong move but can't read jap and don't know how to erase. TT

Then walked around Bugis and saw Yijun!!!
She still looked the same. :)
Then around 5+, left Bugis.
Reached home around 6.
Then was sort of like begging Enqi to go swimming with me, Adeline and Joanne tomorrow for the whole day.

Okays, Byyes.

66th post .
Wednesday, June 10, 2009 @ 8:11 PM

Oh god! Entertain me, please?
Feeling so bored.

Woke up at 10.30, surprisingly.
Ate breakfast after brushing teeth.
Then on computer immediately.
Found out that I'm so addicted to computer that the 1st thing I do when I wake up is computer, computer and computer.
Getting bored.
Played audi and I think audi is experiencing some internet connection problems.
Everybody was lagging.
And my friend played with me 7 times and out of 7 times, she dc-ed 6 times. -.-
Then somebody told me that it will only be okay by 3pm and it was only 1pm at that time.
I stopped by 2.30pm. Lazy to wait.

Then watched tv until 5+.
Was bored. No shows after 5.30pm. No interest in bao lian deng.
So, grandma needed help to peel prawn shell, I went to help with my cousin.
Then while peeling halfway, another cousin came and she helped too.
You know, the prawn very juicy so when peeling, the water inside the prawn kept on spraying on us.
Then when my cousin was peeling 1 prawn, the water spray until my eyes.
I was wearing my specs and my lens could not block it. How useless? -.-
Then finished. My fingers like reddish orangey colour. Hahas.
Then my aunty wanted to use the computer. Was lazy to on at 1st. But nevermind..
Then went to watch tv. Then after my aunty use, my 2 cousins took turns to use.
Then had dinner.
They went home and I started using again.
Okays, thats all.
Having outing tomorrow but no neos.
So, byyes!

65th post .
Tuesday, June 9, 2009 @ 10:32 PM

Argh! Went to sleep at 10.30pm yesterday. So early right?
My father lor. He needs to wake up early today so he scared wake my mother up so he came to my room to sleep at 10.30.

Woke up at 9 today.
Played computer immediately after brushing my teeth upon hearing that my 2 cousins are coming at 10 or 11.
Then around 2, went down to meet Joanne and went to Adeline's void deck for volleyball with her and Enqi.
Then around 3.30, went home. Still quite early huh? But EnQi wanted to go to provision shop to buy something and Joanne wanted to go home le.
So left with me and Adeline 2 people where got fun? Pardon me for my english.

Then just now, I got freaked out!
There was this freaking BIG cockroach in my kitchen just now.
I saw it flying and OMG it was so scary.
Then still cannot find so hid in my room for sometime before going out.
My father caught it after my mother found it.
He tried to scare me and my mother with it.
We were both scared out of our wits. LOL.
I ran to the toilet. LOL.
Then later cockroach caught and dead le, so I dare to come and on computer.


T.T So long never play 8K le.
Thanks to my lappy. How to play 8K with lappy?
Anybody can teach me?
I'm missing 8K so much!! T.T

Anyways, so bored now.
Gtg so Audi.

64th post .
Monday, June 8, 2009 @ 10:30 AM

Feeling damn sleepy.

Asked to do a quiz by Brennie.

Do you swear to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

Where were you last night?
Vivo and at home.

What is today's date?
8th June 2009.

Who was the last person to call you baby/babe?
Don't remember or nobody?

When you're at the grocery store do you use the self checkout?

Anyone crushing on you?
How do I know?! If I knew, I would stay as far as away from that guy.

What is your relationship status?

Has anyone ever sang to you?
Don't remember.

Has anyone ever given you roses?

If you were abandoned in the wilderness, would you survive?
Maybe yes, maybe no?

Who do you text the most?:
Close Friends.. :)

How do you make your money?
Erm, what make money? I'm still a student. Not business woman.

First person to text today?

What is your favorite color?
Black. :D

What color are your eyes?
Black, brown?

What is a compliment you receive often?

How tall are you?:
160cm. :D

Who was the last person to say they loved you and when?
Don't remember. Heys, the who what when questions are seriously getting on my nerves. You know, I don't have long term memory!

Do you like your parents?

Do you secretly like someone?

Why did your last relationship end?
I don't even have A relationship.

Who was the last person you said you loved on the phone?

Where is the furthest place you've traveled?
Australia, I think. :D

Which do you prefer, to eat or sleep?
Its hard to choose so I'm not going to choose.

Do you look more like your mom or your dad?
I don't know.

How long does it take you to shower?

Can you do splits?

Are you flexible?

What did you do on New Years Eve?
Eat reunion dinner I think.

Was your mom there?
You mean on New Years Eve? Yes.

Can you speak any other language than English?
Yup. Duh.

What is the last letter of your middle name?

How many hours of sleep did you get last night?

Do you wear your seat belt in the car?:

Are you scared of flying?
Yea, I'm scared of heights.

What do you sleep in?
T-shirt and shorts.

Who was the last person you kissed?
Don't remember.

Do you like funny people or serious people?
Funny at times. And serious at certain time.

What are you listening to?
One Step At A Time - Jordin Sparks

What jewelry do you wear all the time?
No jewelry.

What do you have planned for tonight?

Is the last person you kissed older than you?

Do you prefer myspace or social splash?
None. Facebook can?

Do you have a favorite item of clothing?

Do you like messages or comments better?
Depending for what.

Last movie you saw in theaters?
Monsters VS Aliens.

Last thing you ate?
Cereal (Cocoa Frosties + Milk)

What was last thing you drank?

Are you happy right now?
Not really.

If you could have one thing right now what would it be
My handphone to be with me forever.

Who makes you happiest right now?

What were you doing at midnight last night?

Are you left handed?

What was for dinner tonight?
Don't know yet.

What is the last thing you thought about?
How do I answer this question.

When is your birthday?
30th January.

Do you want to get married & have children one day?

ok now, tag:

Just do it if you want to and tag on my blog. Lazy. :P

63rd post .
Sunday, June 7, 2009 @ 3:22 PM

I passed my AUDI Level 17 Licence!
Finally Level 17 le.
So happy~

Waiting for Level 18 Licence now.
Pray to pass too.

Going to Vivo tonight.

Back from Vivo.
Went out at 4.30.
Then reached le, went to Baleno to buy my school shoes.
Then when walking, saw watch shop then bought a new watch. But I prefer my old type. TT
Then my mother needs to find her office bag so I followed my father into bookshop.

Then had dinner at a restaurant at Vivo called The Mussells Guy?
OMG, very nice leh. The price also - $58.
Ordered Spicy Mussells and Golden Fried Mussells.
Then I ordered Sauteed Dice Chicken in Teriyaki Sauce with rice.
Very nice~
Then went home.
Bathed and now using computer.

62nd post .
Saturday, June 6, 2009 @ 9:44 PM

What a boring day it is today.
Couldn't sleep nowadays.
Wishes to wake up at 10am but woke up at 9am instead.
Then brushed teeth.
Followed by my father.
He went down for breakfast and NTUC, to buy milk, Prego tomato sauce and newspaper.
Then I used the milk with cocoa frosties as breakfast. Very nice. <33! :DD
Then still very hungry so asked my mother to cook lunch early for me.
Spaghetti. <33! :DD LOL.
Then felt tired so went to my grandma's room and turn on the television and watched until sleep.
But just can't go to sleep.
Until 4 then slept but at 5, my father woke me up to bathe. D:
Then at 6, went to Jalan Besar there for dinner.
Alot of my favourite food!
Then walked home.

Okays, I know this post is damn boring.
Yea, get it.
Don't give a damn.

61st post .
Friday, June 5, 2009 @ 9:01 PM

Today was such a fun day!
How I wish for another day like today next time.

Couldn't sleep for the whole night, don't know why.
Woke up at 9 today.
Nobody was home, parents at work and my grandmother went down to the market.
Bought me breakfast - Chwee Kueh if you know what it is.
Don't know why but I was feeling very full when I ate only 1/4 of it.
But stuffed myself until I ate 1/2.

Then played computer until 12.30pm.
Off-ed computer and changed.

12.45pm, went down to meet EnQi.
I thought that she would be wearing jeans but same as me, she wore shorts. :D
Walked to MRT station.
Saw Khystelle's father waiting at Blk 9 so we waited together for Khystelle.
Then she came out with my Aunty and ZongHan.
Then we 3 walked to the MRT station.
Reached but didn't see Winnie so called her.
Don't know what happen? Her mother picked up the phone and said she doesn't want to come. We were shocked.
Her mother said she throwing temper?
Then talked through the phone with Winnie for like 10minutes?
Then we went to her house to fetch her.

Because her house very far from MRT station, we took 131 from her house downstairs the busstop and went to United Sq, then at Novena Sq changed MRT to Dhoby Gaught.

It was 2.10 when we reached GV, and Hannah Montana The Movie already started.
So we watched Monsters VS Aliens.
Bought tickets then bought snacks.
Winnie went down to Carrefour to buy snacks cause cheaper so we waited for her at the snacks bar at GV. She came back at 2.30.
Late for movie. But thank god still advertisements when we went in.
The movie damn funny can.
Was laughing throughout! LOL.

After the movie, went to Level1 for book fair or something like that.
After that, they accompanied me to Mac to buy McChicken for lunch, at 4+pm!
Then Enqi bought corn.
Felt like buying Chocolate Icecream Sundae but didn't.
Then walked to ZoneX or XZone to take Neos.
We hogged a machine for like almost 1 hour. Hahas.
We spent 3 bucks each on that machine and Winnie's one was the nicest!

Bought Bubbletea before going home. Found out that my EZ-link card left with 90 cents only.
Have to top up!

Hey, Winnie, Khystelle and Enqi!
Lets have another outing like today next time. Deal?


60th post .
Thursday, June 4, 2009 @ 10:59 AM

Ps for not posting the last few days.

Have the urge to post before using computer but after on it, went audi le.

2nd June, Tuesday
Was woke up by the f***ing workers outside my house doing life upgrading.
Damn noisy, like drilling something like that.
No need to go back to school, thought that can sleep until 10+.
But then, stupid workers la. I woke up at 8.30am. Wth.
So woke up le, nothing to do ma.
Then started computer le.
Didn't remember what I did for that day.

3rd June, Wednesday
Cannot wake up late but woke up at 10am when I had to go out at 11am.
I set alarm at 9.15 le but went back to sleep. LOL.
Then wake up le rush like crazy.
Never eat breakfast though.
Then Joanne said she's at the market but her mother wants to go home le so ask if she can come up to my house.
I said okay.
Then when she came up, I realised that my grandmother went down to the market and took the keys with her. So she was like standing outside for quite a long time.
Then I went to change and went down to NTUC with her to meet EnQi and Adeline.
Bought H2O and was surprised to see YanWei there too.
Then walked together to KK Hospital bus stop.
Waited for bus.
Talked on the bus...

Then walked to school. Realised that we were super early. Was supposed to reach at 12.30 for farewell party but we reached at 11.40
Then waited at locker there.
ChunYee came down and saw us and said that we can go up already.
Went up to Hive there to sit.
Signed some cards for Sec4&5 seniors.
Then around 1, went into AVA room.
Viewed some videos first then the Sec3 were serving us.
Fried rice, salad, egg, cupcake, potato chips. :D
Then the potato chips is the Calbee Hot & Spicy de. Eat le feel like after vb at NTUC buy.

Went down for vb training at 3.30.
Ran around court 3 times then ball drills.
Then coach came and did more training.
Lazy to elaborate.

Maybe posting tonight to tomorrow.

59th post .
Monday, June 1, 2009 @ 9:41 PM

Raahh! So tired.

Woke up at 8 - 9 around there. Don't remember.
Then grandma went down to market, ask her to help me buy chicken rice.
Then in health book, breakfast I put -, while lunch I put chicken rice.
Well, is suppose to be lunch and breakfast. Around 10-11.
Started using computer when I woke up.

Met Adeline and Enqi at NTUC at 2.
Walked to KK Hospital Busstop. Reached at 2.10 when suppose to reach at 2.20.
Adeline said because walked with her thats why so fast. Hahas.
Walked to main gate and saw that coach already there.
Thought we late sia.
Then afterwhile, volleyball start le.
Ran don't know how many rounds around the parade square.
Coach went kuku.
Had ball drills.
Then current coach took over after that, even worse.
No water breaks and some strenuous exercises.
And water breaks are like f***-ing 20 seconds?
Then Wow, I almost fainted. Face went pale. Maybe dehydration or heat stroke.
Damn Eeffing uncomfortable can?
Then suppose to be released at 6, and this coach released us only near 7. WTF.
Then took bus home, reached only at 7.40.
Still have to bath.
Damn tired la.
Dinner stinks.
Mixed vegetables rice / cai fan.

Okays. tired le.

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