93rd post .
Friday, July 31, 2009 @ 10:12 PM

1 week never post. Ps.
Lazy luhs.
Maybe just read my plurks?
Some updates there.
Will only post on weekends now.

Anyway, I love FRIDAYS as usual. [♥]

Woke up at 5.45am.
Brushed teeth and did the necessary and went down at 6.20am to meet Enqi.
Then walked to bus stop with her.
Reached le, met Adeline and Joanne.
Adeline forgot to bring her Sketchbook so she called home and asked her father to bring.
But, me and Joanne cannot wait so we left first while Enqi waited with her.
Thought that we will be late leh.
Then reached Bishan Bus Interchange, Joanne went to buy TicTac.
Then waited for Jingyi and ran to the swimming complex because they thought that we will be late. -.-

Then, new coach.
Seperated. :(
XiTong didn't swim. Can't, sick. x.x
Then coach asked us to start with 8 laps of breast stroke 1st.
Idk why, but 2 laps only, my arm aching liao. D:
Then coach demo for us see the 'correct' type and number us to 1,2,1,2,1,2...
Then, my group only 3 girls today. Wthell?!
Then I tio number 2. Only girl in 2 sia.
Coach asked 1 to swim first then 2.
Then because me and Jingyi's breast stroke good, coach ask us to stop and change to freestyle while others continue with breast stroke.
Then coach want to see how we 2 swim so change me and Tina so I become 1 while she became 2. :D
Coach made Jingyi swam all 4 styles today! - Freestyle, Breast stroke, back stroke & butterfly!
Damn pro luh.

Nvm, I wanna go audi so this post shall end here.
Oh ya!
Saw Priya at Bishan swimming complex today. -FINALLY! ;DDDDDDDD

Anyway, bye.

92nd post .
Friday, July 24, 2009 @ 7:58 PM

What the hell is wrong with blogger?
I want to post pictures also cannot.
Lazy put HTML code, so yea.


Morning, woke up at 5.45am.
Went down to meet Enqi at 6.20am.
Then, walked to bus stop to meet Joanne and Adeline.
Adeline and Enqi went down at the Beatty there de bus stop.

Me and Joanne continued until Bishan Interchange.
Met Jingyi and walked to the swimming pool.
Alot of 1E4 people reach liao leh.
So early.
So surprised that Shahrizuan came.
Then had some free time first because coaches haven't reach.
Then coaches came, separated into 2 groups. Can swim & cannot siwm.
Then I went to the can swim, the coach very fierce and he teached us all the basics. Wthell!
What, blow bubbles in the water, put your hand on the tiles and paddle your feet and teach us how the hand should look like for freestyle. Wtheck la. All these for begineers one.
Then swum freestyle, then abit of breaststroke then stop liao.
Because we ended earlier than the cannot swim group, we got the whole toilet!
We quickly rushed in, then took a toilet each.
No time, so just used water to wash off the chlorine and cleaned up and went out le.
Untied my hair because it was wet.
Then went out, I scared the boys say I look like pontianak sia.
But, thank god they never.
Then, some Guangyang students came in when we're leaving.
Priya was there!!!!! But I didn't see her. She said she called me a few times but I didn't hear. ;x
Then left le.
Then don't know what happened, took so loong la.
Then went back to school then know Shahrizuan chu shi le. Then he went home.

He sort of 'fainted' luh.
Was bathing? Then suddenly blurred vision, knocked his head because cannot see clearly, went out of the cubicle, marcus said his eyeballs were looking up and his lips very white. o.o
Just like I that time high fever. But don't have white lips luh.

Went back to school, didn't tie hair. Very scared tio caught by Tanny Ho.
Thank god never bump into her.
Then reached at 9.45am.
Teachers came inside to talk, ask some info about Arya.
She got H1N1! Jkjk...
Then recess suppose 9.30am then the teacher talk talk talk until 10.
Then he say now alot of seniors so don't go.

Then have english lor.
Rushed through the newspaper like siao can.

Then have science.
Only 1 period.
Went to science lab.
Experiment. :D
Then went for recess.

Bought nasi lemak.
Then also bought NesCafe de Mocha.
Damn addicting luh. I want more more more!!!!

Then have maths.
Went through chapter 11, last lesson for that chapter.
LOL, then YinShan and Shahrizuan never learn anything seh.
More than half of the class still blur blur on General Terms and Ms Yuen ending the chapter liao.
In exams or test, I sure die die liao. x.x
Nvm, don't know don't care. ;x

Today, like end very fast leh. Don't know why.
Maybe because morning swimming bah.
Not liking swimming but also loving it at the same time. LOL.
Maybe because of the coach, I don't like. Then I love swimming, so yea.


91st post .
Monday, July 20, 2009 @ 6:49 PM

Paiseh so many days never post!
Damn lazy. Hahs.
Maybe I should delete it or leave it to rot?
Which one is a better idea?

Blogger having problem is it?
Hard to explain seh.
I take ss can le.
Okay...that stupid bar disappeared. o.o

Today, sian la.
Reach school, told that we are moving to Class 3N2 because someone from there fell down and fractured his leg so can't walk up the stairs and using our classroom.
Hate it! 1 week leh.
But I like the seating arrangement of that class. I'm the last person in the row and Marcus can't bully me.
Then Tanny Ho come in awhile.

Played some sort of game.
I also dk what is it.
Something like lao ying zhua xiao ji to me leh. LOL.
Then after the game, went through powerpoint slides for Ecology.
That chapter like dying sia.

Ate Nasi Lemak.
Okay, nothing to say.

Skipped~~ Lalala~

Waa, today 20th leh.
Then I very scared Ms Yuen.
She always like to use the date to call people to do questions.
Then today 20th, I 10th. Then I thought 20, 10 and 30 will tio de but she only call 20.
So, I heng ah.

Did cloze passage.
Then dk what liao la.
Forget. ;x

Now very ma fan leh.
Have to move down to 1st floor.
Then did zhuo ye first.
Then went into new chapter. Chapter 19 I think. Lu Deng.
Then was countdowning to bell ring. LOL.

Followed XiTong and YanWei to TPY central for lunch.
Ate Subway. My wallet going big hole liao. D:
Then after lunch, saw Yanwei's mei, YiHui.
Then went to Popular.
Then took bus back to school.
Bus 231 have green and white plate leh. Then we dk which plate to take.
So, when 231 come, we ask the uncle, the uncle say have go to Beatty so we take lor.
Who knows that the bus take 1 whole round around TPY de? Waste time la.

Went back, changed, warm up-ed, ran 5 rounds, ball drills then coach came. Haiis...
Today training, lazy elaborate la.
Nevermind, shall end here.

90th post .
Wednesday, July 15, 2009 @ 3:32 PM

Hello peopleeeeee!!!
This will be a damn short post.

Anyway, my karma went down because I plurked too much on monday.
Wthell? %#$%#$@%$!#%#%#@$#@%$%^

Yesterday, went to ZhiMin's house to do project.
Now like everyday also have new project to do lor. Hate it la.
Went to busstop after school, saw alot of friends there.
Then bus come liao, went up then me, Joanne, YanWei and JingYi went up then ZhiMin stayed downstairs.
YanWei went for fun. Hahas. ^^
But we thought, eh? We don't know the way leh. If ZhiMin gets down, we also won't know so we went down. Hahas.
Then went to Serangoon central to buy some stuff.
Walked like quite long then reach Shop&Save.
Bought F&N Grape, Jack&Jill Potato Chips and 4 lollipops.
Then went to McDonalds to buy icecream.
Bought Chocolate Sundae aka Hot Fudge Sundae.
Damn nice. :D
Then missed bus so walked to her house.
OMG, damn far can.
She still say very near de. -.-
Walk until want to die liao still called near.
Maybe because she's used to walking long distances, thats why.
Reached le, eat lunch.
Her maid cook.
Then started work.
Me and ZhiMin do first. JingYi and Joanne did their homework.
Do until tired then call them.
Then after Joanne finished her work, I went to do mine and she took over my job.
Then printed out more advertisments and I cutted for Joanne while she pasted.
Left around 6pm.
Reached home around 6.50pm.
Tired leh.
10pm sleep liao.

Anyway, tomorrow going to ZhiMin's house again.
And, today got a new project.
What stupid advertisement thingy and I partnered with JingYi. :D
I want more cola flavoured lollipops! D:


89th post .
Saturday, July 11, 2009 @ 9:40 PM

Hello peopleeeeeeeeee! :)
Not high today. Because I'm not on estacy. Haha, jkjk. :)

Anyway, lets start.

Woke up shortly after my grandma went out which is 9.30am like that.
I thought is 10.30am liao, then check my phone, only 9.30am. D:
Then brushed teeth and ate breakfast. I made myself. :D
Watched tv.
Went down to buy lunch. CHICKEN CHOP!
Horhorhor! I chop chicken! LOOL. Kidding.
I don't even dare to catch a chicken, don't even say chop one.
Slept for 1h+ after lunch. I pig right? Hahas.
Then used computer awhile.
And went out.
Went to United Square.
Ate McDonalds ice cream, the $0.70 one.
Then went walk walk.
Went to Esprit after that.
I want to buy shorts! But all so expensive. D:
Esprit de $60. T.T
Then went to eat dinner.
Ate Beef Don.
Then walked over to Square 2.
Mum wanted to go to NTUC to buy some stuff.
Paid and left.
Passed by Giordano.
Went in to see if the shorts that I wanted still the same price anot.
Haiiz, why still 2nd piece at $10?
The first piece is $39. So meaning total is $49.
Why all so expensive?! T.T
GSS still so expensive, call what GSS? Zz
Waited very long for bus then my mother needed toilet so I stood outside to wait for her.
The bus came shortly after she went into the toilet.
Haiyo, then still have to re-wait.

Oh yea, saw rainbow even though it didn't rain. ;o
Anyway, wanna go audi.

88th post .
Friday, July 10, 2009 @ 9:20 PM

Hello peopleeeeeee!
LOOL. I very high now. Just kidding.

Aiyo, hate PE la.
What practice wushu in the hall again.
Keep doing until Mr Lee shuang.
Then ran 2.4km around the school.
Not really run la. Me, JingYi and Joanne walked the 1st round, ran the 2nd round, walked and ran the 3rd round & walked and ran for the 4th round too. LOL.
Then what play floorball in the hall.
Haizz, now PE 3 periods, so much time.
Then what floorball thingy, I still don't know how to hold the stick.
Everybody just anyhow play. LOL.

Then recess never eat la.
No time liao.
Mr Lee la, always let us out late de.
9.45 then we started walking to canteen leh.
So, never eat, only buy a bottle of green tea.
I wanted to snuck in the green tea but I don't dare. See, I so guai. ;x
Then XiTong wanted to buy sandwich to eat so I accompanied her.
Then went back to class.
Again, sat outside class and played pass the message.
Then because XiTong beat de very pain so Joanne scared and keep moving.
Move until I sit beside XiTong.
Then not really pain la. But was screaming. LOL.

Ms Lim never come.
Then relieve teacher came.
Then free time.
Nice luh.
Talk talk talk. LOL.
If not have some what stupid book review de.

Had some expedition. LOL.
Not really la.
Just outside my class the garden only.
What must sketch thingy de.
Then inside workbook, teacher told us to draw smaller because have 7 leaves to sketch then I thought will take alot of space so draw damn small, but after 7 leaves drawn, I still have more than half de space left. -.-

Teacher late for 10mins.
Because her class before was D&T then grouping have some unhappiness so she had to settle them and it happened to be 1E1.
Then some polygon thingy.
Blur blur but now understand le. :)

Sat Melissa's mother car home.
Xie xie! Thanks! Arigatou!

Oh right, next week no cca and swimming again.
I want swimming lehhs.

87th post .
Thursday, July 9, 2009 @ 6:07 PM

Ps, yesterday never post.
Damn lazy la.
Feel like deleting my blog sia.
Lazy to update.
Yesterday on plurk, I suddenly damn high sia.
This is one of the plurks : ; cixuanwith.♥ says she's in a damn highh mooood now. LOOOOL!!!
(the LOOOOL!!! is part of the plurk. But not this bracketed thingy.)
And I'm currently obsessed with the song Tongue Tied by Faber Drive. ;D

Today keep laughing la.
Laugh until siao in class.

Today is Be Yourself Day!
Can wear your home clothes or your own clothes but must pay $2.
Then every class almost everybody wear home clothes.
Only 1E4, LOOL. Only 2 person participate.
1 is my son - Akshay. Then the other 1 is Kamesh potato. LOL.
Then have voting, everybody vote for Akshay. LOL.

Haiyo, damn sian can?
Wanted to bring storybook so can read in class but I scared.
Then teacher talk until want to sleep. Everytime also like that de. Zzzz
Then do zhuo ye. Some words not in the chapter one leh. Then my eDIC spoil, if not can use to search meaning. So alot is tikam tikam de.

Keep walking about in class.
At first, teacher said she wants us to take out our powerpoint slides for chapter 9, then mine and Jingyi's is in our file. And file is at the back of the class.
So we walked to find our file.
Then teacher said don't need le. So went to put back again.
Then teacher give us chapter 10 the powerpoint slides and ask us to put into our files.
Then me and Jingyi was like wthell?
So went to take again. This time, we took it to our tables so don't need to walk again.
But we never file anything after that. Wtf***.
Pek can. Then walked back again.
Like that, walk walk walk jiu half an hour gone liao. What a waste of time. -.-

Aiyo, T.T
Thought now new timetable, recess everyday same timing with E1, can sit with Enqi they all, but then now have this don't know what stupid thing. Like FPPS like that.
What 1 class attached to 2 tables. Stupid la. -.-
Ate burger today. Went back to class.
Must sit outside classroom until the period after recess the teacher come then can open door. Then always play pass the message.

Only 1 period.
Then have homework.
Some construction thingy.

Mrs Yang came today.
Then did what caste system or something like that de chapter.
Nothing to say. :D

Aiyo la.
Yesterday have some english project then my group missing of 1 person, then teacher added rickson. Kao.
Then now is me, Joanne, JingYi, ZhiMin and Rickson.
Haiyo la.
Don't know how to communicate with him sia.
He very guai leh. Ask him do this, he do. Do that, he do.
But damn hard to communicate. Only boy sia.

Suppose to be assembly.
But H1N1, so all mass gathering related stuff cancelled till further notice.
So, I forgot do what le.
Oh wait, do what Be Yourself Day the thingy.

Then after school.
I followed Joanne, JingYi, Justin and Akshay to Zhimin's house.
They went to do project then I last minute when to chou re nao. Hahas. I very kaypoh de.
Then ate lunch at her house.
Very nice leh. She stay terrace house.
Lunch very feng fu leh.
Prawns in tomato sauce, bitter gourd, chicken wings and vegetables.
Waa, the prawns damn nice. :D
The bitter gourd not bitter de, very sweet.
And the vegetables very nice. :D
Then she gave us ice cream to eat.
Then I did my homework while they did their project.
Then around 5pm, left and went home.
Took circle line from Bartley to Serangoon then change to North East Line to Farrer Park.

Tired. Want to sleep.

86th post .
Tuesday, July 7, 2009 @ 5:09 PM

Haiyo, so sorry yesterday never post.
Zzz, want to wake up late also cannot le.
Dk why. No school but I wake up at 8.10am.
Normally June Holidays I sleep until 10am de lei.
Then brush teeth and computered/plurk/audi till around 1+.
Ate lunch.
Went back to computer but afked for very long time.
Watched TV. :D
Then around 2+ offed computer.
Continued watching TV until 3.20pm like that then went to bath.
Came out around 3.45pm then almost late. Quickly changed and rushed over to Aunty's house.
Aunty told me that they will leave house at 4pm.
As if la. I reached at 4pm then my aunty just wake up. -.-
Then around 4.10pm when out.
Raining luh. Then I said don't need umbrella so my aunty took 1 only. For her and cousin.
Then my aunty see rain too big say need. -.-
Then squeeze here squeeze there. LOL.
Waited for 57 for damn long.
Finally came.
Alighted at Toa Payoh Central there.
Went to buy the movie tickets for Drag Me To Hell.
Okay, it was damn scary can?
I was covering myself with my jacket most of the time.
But then this ah ma her eyeball pop out, damn funny la. LOL.
The movie ended around 7.10pm.
Walked around first then went for dinner at KouFu.
Ordered BanMian then my cousin ate Korean the BBQ chicken set. Damn nice.
Then waited for uncle come to fetch us.
Reached home around 9pm.
Okay, story finished.
Anyway, was tagged by YiJun to do a quiz.

1.Startinq time?

CiXUANN(no need full name right?)


Nope. Lucky Child. So lucky. Heh. ;x

5.Eye Colour?

6.Shoe size?
Idk? 39-41, around there bah.

Blackish. I'm not angmoh. :D Maybe abit brown?

None. I'm scared of pain. :D


10.What are you wearing riqht now?
A shirt and shorts.

11.Where do you live?
Cambridge Road or aka Farrer Park.

12.Fav. number?
12 :D

13.Fav. drink?

14.Fav mth?
January (My bday) / December (LOOOONG HOLIDAYS! WOOTS!).

15.Fav breakfast?
Hardly eat breakfast. White bread, so not my fav. :)

16.Have you ever Broken a bone?

17.Been in a police car?
Nope. Very guai. :D

18.Been on a plane?
Yea. :D

19.Been in a hot tub?
Don't remember.

20.Swam in the ocean?
Nope, like duh.

21.Fallen asleep on sch?

22.Broken someone's heart?
Not sure lehhs.

23.Cried when someone died?
Yea, last year when my grandfather passed away.

24.Fell off your chair?

25.Sat by the phone all night wait-ing for someone to call?
Nope. I pig de, sleep all night. Phone ring also cannot wake me up. :D

26.Sav-ed emails?
Yup :DD

27.Been cheated on?


28.Your room like?
ERR. SUPER DUPER MESSY. :) Just like Yijun's. :D

29.Right beside you?
My lecture pad.

30.The last thing you ever ate?
Lunch :D


31.Chicken pox?

32.Sore throat?

Noo way. I'll freak out.

34.Broken nose?
Noo. :D


35.Believe in love in first sight?
Maybe bah.

36.Like picnics?


37.Was the last person you danced with?

38.Last made you smile
Joanne, Adeline and Enqi?

39.Did you yell at last night?

40.Do you wear contact lenses or glasses?
Glasses :)


41.What are you listening to right now?
Avalanche by Marie Digby

42.What did you do today?
Studied, eat, studied, eat. I'm a pig. *oink oink* LOLS.

43.Hate someone in your family?

44.Diamond or pearl?

45.Are you the oldest?
No siblings. :D

46.Indoors or outdoors?
Depends on what we're going to do. :D

This week did you...

47.Talk to someone you like?

48.Kiss anyone?
Nope :)

49.Get sick?
Ulcer counted?

50.Talk to an ex?

51.Miss someone?

Yea :)


53.You talked on the phone?
JingYi. :)

54.Made you cry?

/hm , not obligated to tell you :
NNo (Dk what question is this.)

56.You went to the mall with?
My aunty. Yesterday, to watch Drag Me To Hell.


57.Been to Mexico?
No, and never will. Stupid H1N1.

58.Been to USA?
No. :(


59.Have a crush on someone?

60.What books are you reading now?
The Boy Who Was Afraid. LOL

61.Best feeling in the world?
Nothing. I'm emotionless.

62.Future kid's names?
Wait till I'm married.

63.Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?
Nope. :(

64.What's under your floor?
Other people's ceiling?

65.Fav. sports to watch?
Volleyball. :D

66.Fav place?
My room. :D

67.Who do you really hate?
Read my blog hate list. The one in bold blue.

68.Do you have a job?
Student lor.

69.What time is it now?

Taq 10 ppl to do this quiz

Lazy. Just do if you want to.
Too lazy to send email to ask people to do because they can't highlight and copy.
Just do if you want. :D


85th post .
Sunday, July 5, 2009 @ 9:32 PM

Oooooooooooooooooooo yea!!
Went to watch Transformers 2 : Revenge of the Fallen with my father and cousin.
Damn nice leh. Don't understand why alot of people say not nice.
I went gaga over BumbleBee in the theatre. LOL.
But I suddenly went gaga over Optimus Prime too.
Maybe its because it sacrificed itself for Sammuel?
It died but it came back to life again. o.o
At damn part damn touching can.
But BumbleBee is still the best!
The front part of the BumbleBee damn funny.
Sammuel told BumbleBee that he was going to University or college and he wants to lead a life like normal teenagers so he will not be bringing BumbleBee. Then BumbleBee burst out in tears leh. LOL. Seriously have water coming out of its eyes.
Anyway, the movie damn nice.
Wish to rewatch it.
Went for dinner at Raffles Town Club.
Still early so went to arcade to play.
Then went up to eat dinner.
Buffet! :D
But then no sashimi. D:
Eat until damn full.
Oh yea, stomach keep having problems since yesterday night.
Keep having big business. ;x
Just bathed. :D
Okay la, going to continue with my art homework liao.

84th post .
Saturday, July 4, 2009 @ 9:33 PM


My Chinese E-dictionary spoiled liao.
The screen broke! For no reason.
Then now purple colour de. Keep trying to break open the screen but cannot. LOL.

Friday, 3rd July.
Revised Wushu with Mr Lee again.
What all sec1s on teachers day have to perform on stage.
Then see Mr Lee do slow mo again, laugh like siao.
Then he asked us to run 4 rounds around the school.
But me, Jingyi and Joanne ran 3 rounds only. ;x

Didn't feel like eating.
Bought a cup of milo.
Then Joanne dragged me to the malay stall.
Then bought Nasi Lemak. Heh.
Waa seh, the chili damn xiang can.
Next time buy again. :D
Was rushing for time.
Mr Lee let us out late. zzz

Heng ah, thought going to present things leh.
Then for 1 whole period, was watching video.
On Vietnam last time what Khmer Rouge's war or something like that.
Damn sian can. But at least better than teacher teaching. ;x

Went to science lab to do experiment.
Dichotomous key, zz, so long.
Fruits, cannot eat after experiment, throw away.
Wanted to eat but the knife was rusty de.

Did some construction work.
Then have hw.

Okay, going to do art liao.
Today, I lazy talk about.

83rd post .
Friday, July 3, 2009 @ 10:09 PM


Just changed skin. Please comment. Thanks. :D
Took alot of time to edit.

Nevermind, I will post about today, tomorrow.
Si Rickson is making me play audi.
So fan.
1 day keep asking me when/what time playing damn alot of times.
To make him stop asking me, I better go now. :D
Anyways, please comment on my skin!
And, people who can see my posts now, please tell me on my tagboard.
Gtg, bye.

82nd post .
Thursday, July 2, 2009 @ 8:45 PM

This post shall be extremely short.
School reopened, worst day ever.
And, not in a good mood today. Don't ask why. :D

Monday, 29th June.
Sian, school reopen le.
Woke up at 6.40am, have to reach school by 8.30am.
Reached by 7.55am I think.
Then talked talked talked.
And took temperature.
Ai sian la, hate that Marcus sitting behind me.
Keep bullying me. T.T
Nevermind, school's boring.

Tuesday, 30th June.
Haiyo, have to wake up at 5.45am liao.
How I wish still holidays, can wake up at 10+am and then play computer.
Last 3 periods want to die ah.
3 periods of chinese, sian.
Can sleep de.
Then went home.

Wednesday, 1st July.
o.o, yesterday boring luh.
I don't talk about school.
After school, Melissa wanted to take mrt home and Enqi following so I followed and Joanne & Adeline also.
Took MRT to Novena then change to 131 and went home.

Thursday, 2nd July.
I tell you, this is the worst day of my life in Beatty so far.
Marcus asked Shahrizuan what cow drink.
Then Shahrizuan think awhile then he said cow suck milk from its ownself.
LOOOL. Me, JingYi laugh like crazy.
Then thats where the trouble begin.
Doing work and Marcus kept calling me oi. Then I don't reply him.
Then he have questions to ask me but keep oioioioi.
Then he started pulling and kicking my chair then use his table to push me.
Then push me until cannot push liao, become I push until Adrian, infront of me.
Then Adrian went to push back. I was like sandwiched between both of them? Damn pain can!
Then Shahrizuan like shuo feng liang hua like that. Said to Adrian you don't know what to do. Then he sit there laugh. Zzz evil la.
Then is like suddenly become centre of attraction in class. LOL.
Then Joanne and JingYi came to help me push him back. Thanks guys!
Then when Mr Foo came in, JingYi and Joanne went to help me complain to him. :D
Then si Marcus went to say them Busybodies.
Then after awhile, Mr Foo came over and talked to him.
Then he moved back.
If not, I won't have space to even come out of my seat de.

Okay, hate him to the core.

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Jingyi, Joanne, XiTong, ZhiMin, EnQi, Melissa, Adeline, YanWei, Priya, Estella, Amelyn, Doris, YiJun


IGN : --Silence-D-
Level 22 ; Amateur
No team, Single.
FAM : Delusions
Status : Semi-MIA

IGN : xSIMPLI (Lv50)
Guild : JNapleHeroes
Status : MIA/Quitted

Rewujie --Silence-D-
MSN ^^


Priya ♥
Estella ♥
JiaJing ♥
Adeline ♥ AGAIN
Family ♥(Real family)


The Chronicles of Narnia (Prince Caspian)
Journey to the Centre of the Earth
Watch HSM3
Paul Blart : Mall Cop
Night In The Museum 2
Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen
Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince
Land of the Lost
Drag me to hell
Ice Age 3
Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs
Alvin and the Chipmunks 2


Elmo/CookieMonster Keychain - MoreThanWords
Any CD that I want
MYUK Pencil Case
OP wallet
Flip Flops ♥
Handphone pouch
Baby-G watch ♥($100+)
Billabong/Converse slingbag
New Jeans
Shorts MORE
Converse sneakers
Big ELMO Stuff Toy!
PSP ♥ - Mint Green/Felicia Blue .
HSM3 Soundtrack!! ♥
S.E phone - W595 ♥!
S.E phone. ♥
iPod Touch 8GB/32GB!

School Matters.

Extinction of Exams
At least 3 A's for SA1 [08]
2 As' for Prelim or 200~ [08]
230>marks/2 As' for PSLE [08]
A1-B3 for Maths Test 2
Volleyball skils to improve! ♥
Good results for SA1'09
Pass English for SA1'09
Remain in EXPRESS next year
Get into same class as Adeline, Enqi & Joanne/friends in 1E4
3 A1s for CA2'09
Atleast 3 As in SA2'09


Estella AGAIN
Amanda AGAIN
Khystelle AGAIN


AUDI Level 17
AUDI Level 18
AUDI Level 19
AUDI Level 20
AUDI Level 21 Amateur !
Get to download HighStreet5
Pimple FREE!
10k/20k/30k A-CASH Card
USB Keyboard/Number Pad
Karma reach 50!
Karma reach 55!
Karma reach 60!
Karma reach 65!
Karma reach 70!
Karma reach 75!
Karma reach 80!
Karma reach 85!
Karma reach 90!
10 September 3pm!
Pass Grade 5 Piano Exam


6/4'08 ! <3333!
1E4'09 ! <33!
VB Family ! <33!
BikiniBottom ! <33!
Elmo <3!
Cookie Monster <3!
POOH ! <33!
Cheese Cake
Simple Plan

YinShan GreatAhMa
YiXuan AhMa
Marcus AhGong
Amelyn AhYi
Joanne Mummy
Jordan Papa
(Ma & Pa are not related.)

Melissa Jie
JingYi Jie
ZhiMin Niece
Doris Niece
Gareth Di
ShaoHuang Kor
Yuelin Di
WenCong Kor
Joohan Di
Jieli Mei
XiTong Mei
Adeline Da Daughter
YanWei Xiao Daughter
Akshay Son
EnQi Granddaughter


BikiniBottom♥ Delusions♥ Vivian Jermaine Vanessa Chloe HuiMin Radiance LiYan

(L) ♥
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